• Vitals.com

    Vitals is an online resource for checking-up-on and finding the right doctor. The Company exists at the critical point as patients are trying to locate the physician appropriate for their medical condition or situation.

    Over the past decade, many purchasing decisions have been improved through expert rating services that define measures of quality – automotive quality from JD Power, restaurant quality from CitySearch, mutual fund quality from Morningstar, hotel quality from Trip Advisor, just to cam a few. Yet for one of life’s most important decisions – choosing the right doctor – consumers have been mostly on their own.

  • ExpertConsensus, LLC

    ExpertConsensus is a specialized health advisory service offering clients second opinions and other personalized health services.
    We have extensive relationships with leading doctors and medical institutions, and access to the most advanced health care resources.
    ExpertConsensus uses a proprietary panel-based approach to bring together top medical thought leaders to evaluate client cases.
    ExpertConsensus has experience working with medical experts and top institutions throughout the world and can assist clients with accessing the best health resources in the United States and beyond.
    We work in partnership with the treating physician and client to provide a highly customized and professional service.

  • HealthiNation, Inc.

    HealthiNation is the premier health video company that educates and inspires people to make healthier choices. Our targeted programs, developed by a team of leading physicians and media experts, cover disease and condition education as well as lifestyle tips, diet and personal stories. Through our premium partner network and syndicated distribution capabilities, we are able to connect with over 40 million unique users online and more than 32 million cable TV homes.

    Our programs grab and hold attention: Our high-quality, original videos include informational and edutainment series developed by a world-class team of doctors and media experts that are designed to provide the latest information on health topics with visual aids, including 3D animation sequences that show how things really work inside the body.

    We are wherever people are watching video: We have a network of distribution partners online and on television, with 50+ web partner affiliates and eight of the leading cable operators. We reach an available audience of over 40 million unique users online and more than 32 million cable TV homes, making us the largest video distribution network for health information.

    We deliver measurable, performance-based results: Our video programs are focused on educating and inspiring people to make healthier choices, and our metrics demonstrate how we are able to match the right content with the right audience.

  • CentriHealth (f/k/a CentrifyHealth)

    CentriHealth provides industry wide, scalable and comprehensive solutions for the medical records dilemma. Today, consumers don’t have full or adequate access to their own medical records. CentriHealth provides a cross-enterprise solution that allows all health care participants (consumers, physicians, hospitals) to access the appropriate level of information on a patient.

    In one pilot program, the system collects medical information from the diagnostic and procedural codes entered for a patient’s Medicaid claim and assembles these data into a single, coherent file, Finney said.

    In addition, the system can collect a variety of data from insurance claims including:

    1. - Prescription Services
    2. - Inpatient and outpatient hospital visits
    3. - Office visits, including all procedures performed at an office visit
    4. - CPT Codes
    5. - Radiology tests, including CT and MRI scans
    6. - Laboratory Tests
  • FinPago

    FinPago is a provider of financial solutions for pharmacy and over the counter health care transactions. Their leading service, called FSAok, is a complete solution for automating FSA-eligible purchases at grocery stores, mass merchants, and drugstores. Shoppers can use any payment method, including existing FSA Debit cards. Using the FSAok service, consumers are able to track over-the-counter medication and pharmacy purchases and quickly and easily submit FSA claims.

  • Good Health Media

    Good Health Media is the fastest growing Health ad network with 37 million unique users per month (comScore 3/10). GHM delivers specific niche health condition audiences in addition to a vast Wellness Channel and HCP Channel. Our “ConditionMatch” technology allows brands to reach the most frequent, in market health audiences as they seek information. GHM offers both Contextual ad targeting via its “ConditionMatch” technology and targeting based on Search re-targeting. comScoreMediaMetrix ranks Good Health Media as the 2nd largest Health ad network on the Internet today.